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Byzantine general John Komnenos Vatatzes died 16. May 1182. (born 1132)

English-French saint Simon Stock died 16. May 1265. (born 1165)

Dutch anabaptist Dirk Willems died 16. May 1569.

English sailor and navigator William Adams died 16. May 1620. (born 1564)

Polish missionary and martyr Andrew Bobola died 16. May 1657. (born 1591)

4th Earl of Southampton, English politician, Lord High Treasurer Thomas Wriothesley died 16. May 1667. (born 1607)

Italian painter and architect, designed the Santi Luca e Martina Pietro da Cortona died 16. May 1669. (born 1596)

German-American politician, 8th Colonial Governor of New York Jacob Leisler died 16. May 1691. (born 1640)

French author Charles Perrault died 16. May 1703. (born 1628)

4th Earl of Holderness, English politician Robert Darcy died 16. May 1778. (born 1718)

2nd Earl of Hardwicke, English politician Philip Yorke died 16. May 1790. (born 1720)

English author and playwright Matthew Lewis died 16. May 1818. (born 1775)

French mathematician and physicist Joseph Fourier died 16. May 1830. (born 1768)

American lawyer and politician, 13th Governor of Alabama Reuben Chapman died 16. May 1882. (born 1799)

Estonian poet, linguist and theologist Mihkel Veske died 16. May 1980. (born 1843)

Romanian politician, 14th Prime Minister of Romania Ion C. Br─âtianu died 16. May 1891. (born 1821)

Swiss politician Louis Perrier died 16. May 1913. (born 1849)

American politician, 22nd United States Vice President Levi P. Morton died 16. May 1920. (born 1824)

Ottoman Sultan Mehmed VI died 16. May 1926. (born 1861)

Dutch art dealer Jacques Goudstikker died 16. May 1940. (born 1897)

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