See all who died on 18. June

Indian queen Rani Lakshmibai died 18. June 1858. (born 1828)

English author and poet Samuel Butler died 18. June 1902. (born 1835)

Italian soldier Carmine Crocco died 18. June 1905. (born 1830)

Mexican brother of Emiliano Zapata Eufemio Zapata died 18. June 1915. (born 1873)

German pilot Max Immelmann died 18. June 1916. (born 1890)

Romanian critic and politician, 23rd Prime Minister of Romania Titu Maiorescu died 18. June 1917. (born 1840)

Dutch astronomer Jacobus Kapteyn died 18. June 1922. (born 1851)

Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen died 18. June 1928. (born 1872)

Russian author Maxim Gorky died 18. June 1936. (born 1868)

French politician, 13th President of France Gaston Doumergue died 18. June 1937. (born 1863)

American trombonist, bandleader, and politician Arthur Pryor died 18. June 1942. (born 1870)

Greek navy officer Elias Degiannis died 18. June 1943. (born 1912)

Jr., American general Simon Bolivar Buckner died 18. June 1945. (born 1886)

Japanese admiral Shigematsu Sakaibara died 18. June 1947. (born 1898)

German singer Heinrich Schlusnus died 18. June 1952. (born 1888)

American actress Ethel Barrymore died 18. June 1959. (born 1879)

Mexican-American actor Pedro Armendáriz died 18. June 1963. (born 1912)

Italian race car driver Geki died 18. June 1967. (born 1937)

Swiss race car driver Beat Fehr died 18. June 1967. (born 1942)

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