See all who died on 19. April

English archbishop Ælfheah of Canterbury died 19. April 1012. (born 954)

German theologian and reformer Philipp Melanchthon died 19. April 1560. (born 1497)

German monk and mathematician Michael Stifel died 19. April 1567. (born 1487)

Japanese daimyo Uesugi Kenshin died 19. April 1578. (born 1530)

Italian painter Paolo Veronese died 19. April 1588. (born 1528)

1st Earl of Dorset, English politician Thomas Sackville died 19. April 1608. (born 1536)

English clergyman Thomas Bastard died 19. April 1618. (born 1566)

1st Baronet, English poet Sir John Beaumont died 19. April 1627. (born 1583)

Italian composer Sigismondo d`India died 19. April 1629. (born 1582)

Spanish historian and playwright Antonio de Solís y Ribadeneyra died 19. April 1686. (born 1610)

Queen of Sweden Christina died 19. April 1689. (born 1626)

Countess of Orkney Elizabeth Hamilton died 19. April 1733. (born 1655)

English mathematician Nicholas Saunderson died 19. April 1739. (born 1682)

Italian painter Canaletto died 19. April 1768. (born 1697)

Welsh philosopher Richard Price died 19. April 1791. (born 1723)

American physician and educator Benjamin Rush died 19. April 1813. (born 1745)

English-Scottish poet Lord Byron died 19. April 1824. (born 1788)

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