See all who died on 21. August

Japanese emperor Kōbun died 21. August 672. (born 648)

Count of Poitiers Alphonse died 21. August 1271. (born 1220)

Hungarian serial killer Elizabeth Báthory died 21. August 1614. (born 1560)

French composer Jacques Mauduit died 21. August 1627. (born 1557)

1st Earl of Stamford, English soldier Henry Grey died 21. August 1673. (born 1599)

Scottish poet and soldier William Cleland died 21. August 1689. (born 1661)

English author Lady Mary Wortley Montagu died 21. August 1762. (born 1689)

2nd Earl of Egremont, English politician Charles Wyndham died 21. August 1763. (born 1710)

Arab ruler of Galilee Daher el-Omar died 21. August 1775. (born 1690)

American physician and politician, 1st Governor of Delaware John McKinly died 21. August 1796. (born 1721)

American-English physicist and colonel Benjamin Thompson died 21. August 1814. (born 1753)

French physicist and engineer Claude-Louis Navier died 21. August 1836. (born 1785)

German botanist and poet Adelbert von Chamisso died 21. August 1838. (born 1781)

American lawyer and politician Thomas Clayton died 21. August 1854. (born 1777)

Chinese general and politician, Viceroy of Liangjiang Ma Xinyi died 21. August 1870. (born 1821)

Baltic German theologian and statistician Alexander von Oettingen died 21. August 1905. (born 1827)

Hungarian painter Bertalan Székely died 21. August 1910. (born 1835)

English tennis player Laurence Doherty died 21. August 1919. (born 1875)

English tennis player John Hartley died 21. August 1935. (born 1849)

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