See all who died on 22. June

Persian astronomer and mathematician Jamshīd al-Kāshī died 22. June 1429. (born 1380)

English bishop John Fisher died 22. June 1535. (born 1469)

English judge James Whitelocke died 22. June 1632. (born 1570)

Austrian field marshal Johann von Aldringen died 22. June 1634. (born 1588)

English merchant, economist, and politician Josiah Child died 22. June 1699. (born 1630)

English minister Matthew Henry died 22. June 1714. (born 1662)

American religious leader Heber C. Kimball died 22. June 1868. (born 1801)

Argentinian general Rudecindo Alvarado died 22. June 1872. (born 1792)

English chess player Howard Staunton died 22. June 1874. (born 1810)

French mathematician Pierre Ossian Bonnet died 22. June 1892. (born 1819)

Canadian archbishop Alexandre-Antonin Taché died 22. June 1894. (born 1823)

American politician, 9th Governor of Texas Francis Lubbock died 22. June 1905. (born 1815)

Romanian poet Ștefan Octavian Iosif died 22. June 1913. (born 1875)

German mathematician Felix Klein died 22. June 1925. (born 1849)

American illustrator A. B. Frost died 22. June 1928. (born 1851)

French politician, 9th President of France Armand Fallières died 22. June 1931. (born 1841)

English race car driver Henry Birkin died 22. June 1933. (born 1896)

Polish historian and diplomat Szymon Askenazy died 22. June 1935. (born 1866)

German-Austrian physicist and philosopher Moritz Schlick died 22. June 1936. (born 1882)

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