See all who died on 22. August

Roman general Stilicho died 22. August 408. (born 359)

Count of Holland John II died 22. August 1304. (born 1247)

1st Duke of Northumberland, English admiral and politician, Lord President of the Council John Dudley died 22. August 1553. (born 1504)

7th Earl of Northumberland, English leader of the Rising of the North Thomas Percy died 22. August 1572. (born 1528)

Polish poet Jan Kochanowski died 22. August 1584. (born 1530)

Italian singer-songwriter Luca Marenzio died 22. August 1599. (born 1553)

English lawyer and explorer, founded the London Company Bartholomew Gosnold died 22. August 1607. (born 1572)

Estonian-Swedish soldier and politician, Lord High Constable of Sweden Jacob De la Gardie died 22. August 1652. (born 1583)

Polish astronomer Maria Cunitz died 22. August 1664. (born 1610)

Elector of Saxony John George II died 22. August 1680. (born 1613)

1st Earl of Bath, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland John Granville died 22. August 1701. (born 1628)

Duc de Boufflers, French general Louis Fran├žois died 22. August 1711. (born 1644)

English mathematician, historian, and theologian William Whiston died 22. August 1752. (born 1667)

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