See all who died on 23. June

Roman emperor Vespasian died 23. June 79. (born 9)

Queen of Northumbria Æthelthryth died 23. June 679.

Margrave of Austria Henry I died 23. June 1018.

English knight Henry de Bohun died 23. June 1314.

Japanese commander Shimizu Muneharu died 23. June 1582. (born 1537)

Japanese daimyo Mashita Nagamori died 23. June 1615. (born 1545)

Duke of Württemberg William Louis died 23. June 1677. (born 1647)

English politician William Coventry died 23. June 1686. (born 1628)

English theologian John Mill died 23. June 1707. (born 1645)

Swiss scholar Johann Jakob Scheuchzer died 23. June 1733. (born 1672)

English poet and physician Mark Akenside died 23. June 1770. (born 1721)

German adventurer Karl Ludwig von Pöllnitz died 23. June 1775. (born 1692)

Ethiopian warlord Mikael Sehul died 23. June 1779. (born 1691)

French zoologist and philosopher Mathurin Jacques Brisson died 23. June 1806. (born 1723)

Portuguese poet Nicolau Tolentino de Almeida died 23. June 1811. (born 1740)

4th Baronet, Scottish geologist Sir James Hall died 23. June 1832. (born 1761)

Scottish economist, historian, and philosopher James Mill died 23. June 1836. (born 1773)

Russian critic and philosopher Ivan Kireyevsky died 23. June 1856. (born 1806)

German botanist Matthias Jakob Schleiden died 23. June 1881. (born 1804)

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