See all who died on 23. October

Roman politician Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger died 23. October 42. (born 85BC)

Arab general and politician Yazaman al-Khadim died 23. October 891.

Italian priest and saint John of Capistrano died 23. October 1456. (born 1386)

Polish bishop Tiedemann Giese died 23. October 1550. (born 1480)

German mathematician and astronomer Michael Neander died 23. October 1581. (born 1529)

German theologian Leonhard Hutter died 23. October 1616. (born 1563)

Sieur du Cange, French philologist and historian Charles du Fresne died 23. October 1688. (born 1610)

English actress Anne Oldfield died 23. October 1730. (born 1683)

Comte Dubois de la Motte, French admiral Emmanuel-Auguste de Cahideuc died 23. October 1764. (born 1683)

French missionary and scientist Michel Benoist died 23. October 1774. (born 1715)

German linguist Franz Bopp died 23. October 1867. (born 1791)

14th Earl of Derby, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Edward Smith-Stanley died 23. October 1869. (born 1799)

French journalist, author, and poet Théophile Gautier died 23. October 1872. (born 1811)

American lawyer, jurist, and politician, Secretary of State of Texas Charles S. West died 23. October 1885. (born 1829)

Thai king Chulalongkorn died 23. October 1910. (born 1853)

English cricketer W. G. Grace died 23. October 1915. (born 1848)

Scottish businessman, founded Dunlop Rubber John Boyd Dunlop died 23. October 1921. (born 1840)

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