See all who died on 25. August

Roman commander and philosopher Pliny the Elder died 25. August 79. (born 23)

Roman emperor Gratian died 25. August 383. (born 359)

Duke of Burgundy Hugh III died 25. August 1192. (born 1142)

English bishop and saint Thomas de Cantilupe died 25. August 1282. (born 1218)

Lord of Douglas, Scottish soldier James Douglas died 25. August 1330. (born 1286)

3rd Duke of Norfolk, English politician Thomas Howard died 25. August 1554. (born 1473)

English playwright Thomas Dekker died 25. August 1632. (born 1572)

Welsh admiral Henry Morgan died 25. August 1688. (born 1635)

1st Earl of Jersey, English politician Edward Villiers died 25. August 1711. (born 1656)

Portuguese organist and composer Carlos Seixas died 25. August 1742. (born 1704)

Italian composer Niccolò Jommelli died 25. August 1774. (born 1714)

Scottish historian and philosopher David Hume died 25. August 1776. (born 1711)

Comte de Mercy-Argenteau, Belgian-Austrian diplomat Florimond Claude died 25. August 1794. (born 1727)

Maltese surgeon Mikiel`Ang Grima died 25. August 1798. (born 1729)

Scottish engineer James Watt died 25. August 1819. (born 1736)

German-English astronomer and composer William Herschel died 25. August 1822. (born 1738)

English physicist and chemist Michael Faraday died 25. August 1867. (born 1791)

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