See all who died on 26. March

Persian mystic and poet Mansur Al-Hallaj died 26. March 922. (born 858)

Buyid ruler Adud al-Dawla died 26. March 983. (born 936)

Norwegian son of Magnus Barefoot Sigurd the Crusader died 26. March 1130. (born 1090)

Flemish composer Heinrich Isaac died 26. March 1517. (born 1450)

Austrian mathematician, astronomer, and cartographer Georg Tannstetter died 26. March 1535. (born 1482)

English diplomat and scholar Thomas Elyot died 26. March 1546. (born 1490)

Spanish organist and composer Antonio de Cabez├│n died 26. March 1566. (born 1510)

English-American lawyer and politician, 2nd Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony John Winthrop died 26. March 1649.

Swedish historian and author Johannes Schefferus died 26. March 1679. (born 1621)

Scottish politician Godfrey McCulloch died 26. March 1697. (born 1640)

English playwright and architect, designed Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard John Vanbrugh died 26. March 1726. (born 1664)

French author Charles Pinot Duclos died 26. March 1772. (born 1704)

American jurist and politician, 31st Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island Samuel Ward died 26. March 1776. (born 1725)

Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenb├╝ttel Charles I died 26. March 1780. (born 1713)

English physician John Mudge died 26. March 1793. (born 1721)

Scottish geologist and physician James Hutton died 26. March 1797. (born 1726)

French physician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin died 26. March 1814. (born 1738)

German pianist and composer Ludwig van Beethoven died 26. March 1827. (born 1770)

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