See all who died on 26. July

Byzantine emperor Nikephoros I died 26. July 811.

Baron de Biron, French soldier Armand de Gontaut died 26. July 1592. (born 1524)

Spanish clergyman and sinologist Miguel de Benavides died 26. July 1605. (born 1552)

Japanese daimyo Horio Yoshiharu died 26. July 1611. (born 1542)

2nd Earl of Rochester, English poet and courtier John Wilmot died 26. July 1680. (born 1647)

Italian philosopher Elena Cornaro Piscopia died 26. July 1684. (born 1646)

1st Duke of Leeds, English politician Thomas Osborne died 26. July 1712. (born 1631)

1st Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, English politician Robert Bertie died 26. July 1723. (born 1660)

American soldier and politician, 7th Governor of Texas Sam Houston died 26. July 1863. (born 1793)

King of Greece Otto died 26. July 1867. (born 1815)

Scottish lexicographer and philologist James Murray died 26. July 1915. (born 1837)

English painter Edward Poynter died 26. July 1919. (born 1836)

Italian race car driver Antonio Ascari died 26. July 1925. (born 1888)

German mathematician and philosopher Gottlob Frege died 26. July 1925. (born 1848)

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