See all who died on 27. June

Duke of Burgundy Odo II died 27. June 1162. (born 1118)

Italian painter, architect, and historian Giorgio Vasari died 27. June 1574. (born 1511)

Polish archbishop Jan Dymitr Solikowski died 27. June 1603. (born 1539)

English historian John Hayward died 27. June 1627. (born 1564)

Japanese strongman Date Masamune died 27. June 1636. (born 1567)

Roman wife of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor Eleonore Gonzaga died 27. June 1655. (born 1598)

English historian and politician Roger Twysden died 27. June 1672. (born 1597)

French poet Guillaume Amfrye de Chaulieu died 27. June 1720. (born 1639)

Ethiopian wife of Bakaffa Mentewab died 27. June 1773. (born 1706)

Prince of Kaunitz-Rietberg Wenzel Anton died 27. June 1794. (born 1711)

French noblewoman Anne d`Arpajon died 27. June 1794. (born 1729)

French soldier Philippe de Noailles died 27. June 1794. (born 1715)

Italian painter Domenico Vantini died 27. June 1825. (born 1765)

German theologian Johann Gottfried Eichhorn died 27. June 1827. (born 1754)

English chemist and mineralogist James Smithson died 27. June 1829. (born 1765)

French mathematician and physicist Sophie Germain died 27. June 1831. (born 1776)

Pakistani emperor Ranjit Singh died 27. June 1839. (born 1780)

American religious leader Hyrum Smith died 27. June 1844. (born 1800)

American religious leader, founded the Latter Day Saint movement Joseph Smith died 27. June 1844. (born 1805)

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