See all who died on 27. July

Duke of Austria Rudolf IV died 27. July 1365. (born 1339)

German theologian Salomo Glassius died 27. July 1656. (born 1593)

Vicomte de Turenne, French general Henri de la Tour d`Auvergne died 27. July 1675. (born 1611)

French mathematician and philosopher Pierre Louis Maupertuis died 27. July 1759. (born 1698)

English politician Robert Dinwiddie died 27. July 1770. (born 1693)

Russian poet and painter Mikhail Lermontov died 27. July 1841. (born 1814)

English physicist, meteorologist, and chemist John Dalton died 27. July 1844. (born 1776)

American journalist and politician William Lowndes Yancey died 27. July 1863. (born 1813)

Dutch-American pastor Albertus van Raalte died 27. July 1876. (born 1811)

American lieutenant and politician, 20th United States Postmaster General Montgomery Blair died 27. July 1883. (born 1813)

British captain Charles Fryatt died 27. July 1916. (born 1872)

Swiss physician, Nobel Prize laureate Emil Theodor Kocher died 27. July 1917. (born 1841)

Italian pianist, composer, and conductor Ferruccio Busoni died 27. July 1924. (born 1866)

Swiss myrmecologist, neuroanatomist, and psychiatrist Auguste Forel died 27. July 1931. (born 1848)

American rower John Exley died 27. July 1938. (born 1867)

New Zealand painter Alfred Henry O`Keeffe died 27. July 1941. (born 1858)

American author and poet Gertrude Stein died 27. July 1946. (born 1874)

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