See all who died on 28. March

Roman emperor Pertinax died 28. March 193. (born 126)

Duke of Saxony Ordulf died 28. March 1072. (born 1022)

Swiss poet and theorist Heinrich Glarean died 28. March 1563. (born 1488)

Austrian historian and diplomat Sigismund von Herberstein died 28. March 1566. (born 1486)

Duke of Holstein Magnus died 28. March 1583. (born 1540)

Russian king Ivan the Terrible died 28. March 1584. (born 1530)

Dutch poet and composer Constantijn Huygens died 28. March 1687. (born 1596)

French mathematician and philosopher Marquis de Condorcet died 28. March 1794. (born 1743)

Italian violinist and composer Antonio Capuzzi died 28. March 1818. (born 1755)

American politician, 4th Governor of Mississippi Gerard Brandon died 28. March 1850. (born 1788)

Dutch scholar and critic Petrus Hofman Peerlkamp died 28. March 1865. (born 1786)

American lawyer and politician Solomon Foot died 28. March 1866. (born 1802)

7th Earl of Cardigan, English lieutenant James Brudenell died 28. March 1868. (born 1797)

American general George Henry Thomas died 28. March 1870. (born 1816)

Danish astronomer Peter Andreas Hansen died 28. March 1874. (born 1795)

Russian composer Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky died 28. March 1881. (born 1839)

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