See all who died on 3. July

Italian reformer Aonio Paleario died 3. July 1570. (born 1500)

Italian-French wife of Henri IV of France Marie de` Medici died 3. July 1642. (born 1575)

English ornithologist and ichthyologist Francis Willughby died 3. July 1672. (born 1635)

Welsh mathematician William Jones died 3. July 1749. (born 1675)

Austrian mother of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anna Maria Mozart died 3. July 1778. (born 1720)

French mineralogist Jean-Baptiste L. Romé de l`Isle died 3. July 1790. (born 1736)

French scholar Louis-Georges de Bréquigny died 3. July 1795. (born 1714)

Spanish general, explorer, author, and astronomer, 1st Colonial Governor of Louisiana Antonio de Ulloa died 3. July 1795. (born 1716)

French-Canadian composer and playwright Joseph Quesnel died 3. July 1809. (born 1746)

American general George Hull Ward died 3. July 1863. (born 1826)

American tribal leader Little Crow died 3. July 1863. (born 1810)

Vietnamese poet Nguyễn Đình Chiểu died 3. July 1888. (born 1822)

Austrian journalist Theodor Herzl died 3. July 1904. (born 1860)

Canadian giant and strongman Edouard Beaupré died 3. July 1904. (born 1881)

American journalist and author Joel Chandler Harris died 3. July 1908. (born 1845)

American financier Hetty Green died 3. July 1916. (born 1834)

Ottoman sultan Mehmed V died 3. July 1918. (born 1844)

Irish-American weight thrower James Mitchel died 3. July 1921. (born 1864)

Argentinian educator and politician, 19th President of Argentina Hipólito Yrigoyen died 3. July 1933. (born 1852)

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