See all who died on 6. December

Greek bishop and saint Saint Nicholas died 6. December 343. (born 270)

Arab rebel leader Muhammad al-Nafs al-Zakiyya died 6. December 672. (born 710)

French cardinal Jacques Davy Duperron died 6. December 1618. (born 1556)

Spanish priest and author Baltasar Gracián died 6. December 1658. (born 1601)

English priest, academic, and scholar John Lightfoot died 6. December 1675. (born 1602)

Dutch priest and composer Benedictus Buns died 6. December 1716. (born 1642)

English poet and playwright Nicholas Rowe died 6. December 1718. (born 1674)

Scottish poet and songwriter Lady Grizel Baillie died 6. December 1746. (born 1665)

Italian anatomist and pathologist Giovanni Battista Morgagni died 6. December 1771. (born 1682)

French painter Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin died 6. December 1779. (born 1699)

English bishop Jonathan Shipley died 6. December 1788. (born 1714)

English ornithologist and entomologist William John Swainson died 6. December 1855. (born 1789)

French physiologist and academic Jean Pierre Flourens died 6. December 1867. (born 1794)

German linguist and academic August Schleicher died 6. December 1868. (born 1821)

Greek painter Theodoros Vryzakis died 6. December 1878. (born 1814)

American inventor Erastus Brigham Bigelow died 6. December 1879. (born 1814)

Swiss businessman and politician, founded Credit Suisse Alfred Escher died 6. December 1882. (born 1819)

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