See all who died on 9. December

Umayyad general and politician Nasr ibn Sayyar died 9. December 748. (born 663)

Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund died 9. December 1437. (born 1368)

Italian poet Teofilo Folengo died 9. December 1544. (born 1491)

English priest and conspirator William Watson died 9. December 1603. (born 1559)

Dutch historian and geographer Ubbo Emmius died 9. December 1625. (born 1547)

Polish preacher and author Fabian Birkowski died 9. December 1636. (born 1566)

Belgian-English painter Anthony van Dyck died 9. December 1641. (born 1599)

1st Earl of Clarendon, English historian and politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer Edward Hyde died 9. December 1674. (born 1609)

Italian monk, cosmographer, and cartographer Vincenzo Coronelli died 9. December 1718. (born 1650)

French-Austrian educator Yolande de Polastron died 9. December 1793. (born 1749)

German pastor, botanist, and ornithologist Johann Reinhold Forster died 9. December 1798. (born 1729)

Danish surgeon, botanist, and academic Heinrich Christian Friedrich Schumacher died 9. December 1830. (born 1757)

Portuguese journalist and author Almeida Garrett died 9. December 1854. (born 1799)

Canadian lawyer and politician, 3rd Premier of Canada West Robert Baldwin died 9. December 1858. (born 1804)

Senegalese religious leader Mahmadu Lamine died 9. December 1887.

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