See all who died in 1994.

Baron Porritt, New Zealand physician and politician, 11th Governor-General of New Zealand Arthur Porritt died 1. January 1994. (born 1900)

American actor Cesar Romero died 1. January 1994. (born 1907)

Irish historian Edward Arthur Thompson died 1. January 1994. (born 1914)

American politician, 17th Governor of Washington Dixy Lee Ray died 2. January 1994. (born 1914)

French businessman Pierre-Paul Schweitzer died 2. January 1994. (born 1915)

Indian composer R.D. Burman died 4. January 1994. (born 1939)

English sportscaster Brian Johnston died 5. January 1994. (born 1912)

Estonian military commander and politician Elmar Lipping died 5. January 1994. (born 1906)

American politician, 55th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Tip O`Neill died 5. January 1994. (born 1912)

American mother of Bill Clinton Virginia Clinton Kelley died 6. January 1994. (born 1923)

American actor Pat Buttram died 8. January 1994. (born 1915)

American baseball player Harvey Haddix died 8. January 1994. (born 1925)

American baseball player Johnny Temple died 9. January 1994. (born 1927)

German physician Helmut Poppendick died 11. January 1994. (born 1902)

Estonian physicist and philosopher Gustav Naan died 12. January 1994. (born 1919)

Hungarian-French pianist Georges Cziffra died 15. January 1994. (born 1921)

American singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson died 15. January 1994. (born 1941)

Indian author, poet, and astrologist Harilal Upadhyay died 15. January 1994. (born 1916)

Russian spy Yevgeni Ivanov died 17. January 1994. (born 1926)

American runner Helen Stephens died 17. January 1994. (born 1918)

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