See all who died in 2010.

American-Mexican singer-songwriter Lhasa de Sela died 1. January 2010. (born 1972)

Scottish historian and author David R. Ross died 2. January 2010. (born 1958)

Chilean composer Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt died 3. January 2010. (born 1925)

American theologian and scholar Mary Daly died 3. January 2010. (born 1928)

Greek water polo player and coach Takis Michalos died 3. January 2010. (born 1947)

Argentine singer and actor Sandro de América died 4. January 2010. (born 1945)

Surinamese politician, 1st President of Suriname Johan Ferrier died 4. January 2010. (born 1910)

American model and actress Casey Johnson died 4. January 2010. (born 1979)

American sportscaster Rory Markas died 4. January 2010. (born 1955)

Japanese engineer Tsutomu Yamaguchi died 4. January 2010. (born 1916)

American singer-songwriter and producer Willie Mitchell died 5. January 2010. (born 1928)

Russian-American rabbi and activist Murray Saltzman died 5. January 2010. (born 1929)

American murderer James von Brunn died 6. January 2010. (born 1920)

Finnish wrestler, actor, and politician Tony Halme died 8. January 2010. (born 1963)

Australian actor Monica Maughan died 8. January 2010. (born 1933)

Indian journalist Vimcy died 9. January 2010. (born 1925)

Austrian-Dutch humanitarian, helped hide Anne Frank and her family Miep Gies died 11. January 2010. (born 1909)

English guitarist (Johnny Kidd & The Pirates) Mick Green died 11. January 2010. (born 1944)

Estonian-Costa Rican art collector and businessman Harry Männil died 11. January 2010. (born 1920)

American strongman and weightlifter Joe Rollino died 11. January 2010. (born 1905)

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