Find out who all died from July to October 2013

American basketball player and lawyer George Hauptfuhrer died 2. August 2013. (born 1926)

American lawyer and politician Edwin Bideau died 5. September 2013. (born 1950)

Nepali activist Jagadish Ghimire died 31. October 2013. (born 1946)

American politician Zeb Alley died 11. July 2013. (born 1928)

Japanese voice actor Tomoyuki Dan died 10. October 2013. (born 1963)

American astronomer and academic George Herbig died 12. October 2013. (born 1920)

Indonesian actor and singer Kris Biantoro died 13. August 2013. (born 1938)

Finnish actress, director, and screenwriter Ritva Arvelo died 26. October 2013. (born 1921)

Syrian-American actor Michael Ansara died 31. July 2013. (born 1922)

Japanese businessman, former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi died 19. September 2013. (born 1927)

Russian boxer Alexander Yagubkin died 7. August 2013. (born 1961)

Welsh author John Rankine died 8. August 2013. (born 1918)

South Africa jurist, 19th Chief Justice of South Africa Pius Langa died 24. July 2013. (born 1939)

American pianist and composer Cedar Walton died 19. August 2013. (born 1934)

American singer Alvis Wayne died 31. July 2013. (born 1937)

South Korean golfer Ok-Hee Ku died 10. July 2013. (born 1956)

American director and producer Russell S. Doughten died 19. August 2013. (born 1927)

Welsh footballer Steve Aizlewood died 6. August 2013. (born 1952)

Dutch physicist and educator Nico van Kampen died 6. October 2013. (born 1921)

American lawyer Ronald Motley died 22. August 2013. (born 1944)

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