See all who died on 19. May

English monk and scholar Alcuin died 19. May 804. (born 735)

English archbishop Dunstan died 19. May 988. (born 909)

Count of Blois Stephen died 19. May 1102. (born 1045)

Russian son of Vsevolod I of Kiev Vladimir II Monomakh died 19. May 1125. (born 1053)

Count of Évreux Louis died 19. May 1319. (born 1276)

Russian son of Ivan II of Moscow Dmitry Donskoy died 19. May 1389. (born 1350)

Polish diplomat Jan Łaski died 19. May 1531. (born 1456)

English wife of Henry VIII of England Anne Boleyn died 19. May 1536. (born 1501)

Italian composer Costanzo Porta died 19. May 1601. (born 1528)

Spanish theologian Thomas Sanchez died 19. May 1610. (born 1550)

Dutch philosopher Isaac Beeckman died 19. May 1637. (born 1588)

Polish leader Stefan Potocki died 19. May 1648. (born 1624)

1st Earl of Halifax, English poet and politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer Charles Montagu died 19. May 1715. (born 1661)

English organist and composer John Stanley died 19. May 1786. (born 1712)

American physician and politician, 4th Governor of New Hampshire Josiah Bartlett died 19. May 1795. (born 1729)

Scottish-English lawyer and author James Boswell died 19. May 1795. (born 1740)

5th Baron Byron, English lieutenant William Byron died 19. May 1798. (born 1722)

French politician Camille Jordan died 19. May 1821. (born 1771)

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