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The Roman military commander Avitus is proclaimed Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. (9. July 455)

Odoacer makes a night assault with his Heruli guardsmen, engaging Theoderic the Great in Ad Pinetam. Both sides suffer heavy losses, but in the end Theodoric forces Odoacer back into Ravenna. (9. July 491)

Battle of Hwangsanbeol: Korean forces under general Kim Yu-shin defeat the army of Baekje at Nonsan (South Korea). (9. July 660)

A magnitude 8.6Ms earthquake and subsequent tsunami strikes the area around Sendai in the northern part of Honshu, Japan. (9. July 869)

Emperor Charles IV assists in laying the foundation stone of Charles Bridge in Prague. (9. July 1357)

The Old Swiss Confederacy makes great strides in establishing control over its territory by soundly defeating the Archduchy of Austria in the Battle of Sempach. (9. July 1386)

King Henry VIII of England annuls his marriage to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. (9. July 1540)

Nineteen Catholics suffer martyrdom for their beliefs in the Dutch town of Gorkum. (9. July 1572)

War of the Spanish Succession: Austrians defeat France in the Battle of Carpi. (9. July 1701)

War of the Austrian Succession: French victory in the Battle of Melle allows them to capture Ghent in the days after. (9. July 1745)

French and Indian War: Braddock Expedition – British troops and colonial militiamen are ambushed and suffer a devastating defeat by French and Native American forces. (9. July 1755)

George Washington orders the Declaration of Independence to be read out loud to members of the Continental Army in New York, New York, for the first time. (9. July 1776)

In Versailles, the National Assembly reconstitutes itself as the National Constituent Assembly and begins preparations for a French constitution. (9. July 1789)

Russo-Swedish War: Second Battle of Svensksund – in the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Navy captures one third of the Russian fleet. (9. July 1790)

The Act Against Slavery is passed in Upper Canada and the importation of slaves into Lower Canada is prohibited. (9. July 1793)

The Treaties of Tilsit are signed by Napoleon I of France and Alexander I of Russia. (9. July 1807)

Napoleon annexes the Kingdom of Holland as part of the First French Empire. (9. July 1810)

Explorer David Thompson posts a sign at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake Rivers (in modern Washington state, US), claiming the land for the United Kingdom. (9. July 1811)

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord becomes the first Prime Minister of France. (9. July 1815)

Argentina declares independence from Spain. (9. July 1816)

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