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Battle of Forum Gallorum: Mark Antony, besieging Caesar's assassin Decimus Brutus in Mutina, defeats the forces of the consul Pansa, but is then immediately defeated by the army of the other consul, Hirtius. (14. April 43. BC)

Vitellius, commander of the Rhine armies, defeats Emperor Otho in the Battle of Bedriacum and seizes the throne. (14. April 69)

Siege of Jerusalem: Titus, son of emperor Vespasian, surrounds the Jewish capital, with four Roman legions. (14. April 70)

Septimius Severus is proclaimed Roman Emperor by the army in Illyricum (in the Balkans). (14. April 193)

After his marriage to the Christian Dobrawa of Bohemia, the pagan ruler of the Polans, Mieszko I, converts to Christianity, an event considered to be the founding of the Polish state. (14. April 966)

Henry III, son of Conrad, is elected king of the Germans. (14. April 1028)

Battle of Adrianople between Bulgarians and Crusaders. (14. April 1205)

Temür, grandson of Kublai, is elected Khagan of the Mongols and Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty with the reigning titles Oljeitu and Chengzong. (14. April 1294)

Sack of Saluzzo (Italy) by Italian-Angevine troops under Manfred V of Saluzzo. (14. April 1341)

The foundation stone of Cathedral St. Peter and St. Paul in Nantes, France is laid. (14. April 1434)

In England, the Yorkists under Edward IV defeat the Lancastrians under the Earl of Warwick at the Battle of Barnet; the Earl is killed and Edward IV resumes the throne. (14. April 1471)

Imperial forces are defeated by the Swedes at the Battle of Chemnitz. The Swedish victory prolongs the Thirty Year's War and allows them to advance into Bohemia. (14. April 1639)

Khalsa: The Sikh Religion was formalised as the Khalsa - the brotherhood of Warrior-Saints - by Guru Gobind Singh in Northern India, in accordance with the Nanakshahi calendar. (14. April 1699)

The Yamasee War begins in South Carolina. (14. April 1715)

The first abolition society in North America is established. The Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage is organized in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush. (14. April 1775)

Bussa, a slave in British-ruled Barbados, leads a slave rebellion and is killed. For this, he is remembered as the first national hero of Barbados. (14. April 1816)

Noah Webster copyrights the first edition of his dictionary. (14. April 1828)

The Donner Party of pioneers departs Springfield, Illinois, for California, on what will become a year-long journey of hardship, cannibalism, and survival. (14. April 1846)

Hungary declares itself independent of Austria with Lajos Kossuth as its leader. (14. April 1849)

The first Pony Express rider reaches Sacramento, California. (14. April 1860)

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