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The Roman Senate declares Vespasian as Roman emperor, the last in the Year of the Four Emperors. (21. December 69)

Muslim Arabs capture Babylon Fortress in the Nile Delta (near Cairo) after a seven-month siege. (21. December 640)

Pope Honorius II is elected. (21. December 1124)

Conrad III of Germany besieged Weinsberg. (21. December 1140)

The city of Ryazan is sacked by the Mongol army of Batu Khan. (21. December 1237)

The Battle of Linuesa is fought in the context of the Spanish Reconquista between the forces of the Emirate of Granada and the combined army of the Kingdom of Castile and of Jaén resulting in a Castilian victory. (21. December 1361)

Battle of Curalaba: The revolting Mapuche, led by cacique Pelentaru, inflict a major defeat on Spanish troops in southern Chile. (21. December 1598)

Plymouth Colony: William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims land on what is now known as Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts. (21. December 1620)

American settlers in Nacogdoches, Mexican Texas, declare their independence, starting the Fredonian Rebellion. (21. December 1826)

Egyptian–Ottoman War: Egyptian forces decisively defeat Ottoman troops at the Battle of Konya. (21. December 1832)

The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers commences business at its cooperative in Rochdale, England, United Kingdom starting the Cooperative movement. (21. December 1844)

Medal of Honor: Public Resolution 82, containing a provision for a Navy Medal of Valor, is signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln. (21. December 1861)

Challenger expedition: HMS Challenger, commanded by Captain George Nares, sails from Portsmouth, England. (21. December 1872)

World première of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark. (21. December 1879)

The Royal Canadian Dragoons and The Royal Canadian Regiment, the first Permanent Force cavalry and infantry regiments of the Canadian Army, are formed: . (21. December 1883)

The Chilean Army commits a massacre of at least 2,000 striking saltpeter miners in Iquique, Chile. (21. December 1907)

An underground explosion at the Hulton Bank Colliery No. 3 Pit in Over Hulton, Westhoughton, England, kills 344 miners. (21. December 1910)

Arthur Wynne's "word-cross", the first crossword puzzle, is published in the New York World. (21. December 1913)

American anarchist Emma Goldman is deported to Russia. (21. December 1919)

United Kingdom and Nepal formally signed an agreement of friendship, called the Nepal–Britain Treaty of 1923, which superseded the Sugauli Treaty signed in 1816. (21. December 1923)

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