See all who died on 14. June

Iraqi scholar Abū Ḥanīfa died 14. June 767. (born 699)

English archbishop Simon Sudbury died 14. June 1381. (born 1316)

2nd Duke of Gandia, Italian son of Pope Alexander VI Giovanni Borgia died 14. June 1497. (born 1474)

Duke of Lorraine Antoine died 14. June 1544. (born 1489)

French composer Carpentras died 14. June 1548. (born 1470)

Flemish composer Orlande de Lassus died 14. June 1594. (born 1532)

English-American politician, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Henry Vane the Younger died 14. June 1662. (born 1613)

French author and poet Marin le Roy de Gomberville died 14. June 1674. (born 1600)

French adventurer Jean Herauld Gourville died 14. June 1703. (born 1625)

1st Marquess of Hertford, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Francis Seymour-Conway died 14. June 1794. (born 1718)

French general Louis Desaix died 14. June 1800. (born 1768)

French general Jean Baptiste Kléber died 14. June 1800. (born 1753)

American general Benedict Arnold died 14. June 1801. (born 1741)

French-American architect and engineer, designed Washington, D.C. Pierre Charles L`Enfant died 14. June 1825. (born 1754)

Italian poet and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi died 14. June 1837. (born 1798)

English poet Edward FitzGerald died 14. June 1883. (born 1809)

Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky died 14. June 1886. (born 1823)

American architect and engineer, designed the Home Insurance Building William Le Baron Jenney died 14. June 1907. (born 1832)

Cuban patriot Bartolomé Masó died 14. June 1907. (born 1830)

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