Find out who all were born in the 14. century

Portuguese son of John I of Portugal Henry the Navigator was born 4. March 1394. (died 1460)

1st Duke of Lancaster John of Gaunt was born 6. March 1340. (died 1399)

Duke of Orléans Louis I was born 13. March 1372. (died 1407)

12th Earl of Warwick, English son of Katherine Mortimer, Countess of Warwick Thomas de Beauchamp was born 16. March 1338. (died 1401)

2nd Duke of Exeter, English military commander John Holland was born 18. March 1395. (died 1447)

1st Duke of Norfolk, English politician Thomas de Mowbray was born 22. March 1366. (died 1399)

Persian astronomer Ulugh Beg was born 22. March 1394. (died 1449)

Italian philosopher, theologian, and saint Catherine of Siena was born 25. March 1347. (died 1380)

Grand Prince of Moscow Ivan II of Moscow was born 30. March 1326. (died 1359)

Turkic ruler Timur was born 9. April 1336. (died 1405)

4th Earl of March Roger Mortimer was born 11. April 1374. (died 1398)

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