See all who died on 28. April

4th Earl of Northumberland, English politician Henry Percy died 28. April 1489. (born 1449)

English bishop and diplomat Nicholas West died 28. April 1533. (born 1461)

Portuguese politician Francisco de Lucena died 28. April 1643. (born 1578?)

Welsh poet and author Henry Vaughan died 28. April 1695. (born 1621)

English actor Thomas Betterton died 28. April 1710. (born 1630s)

French priest and saint Louis de Montfort died 28. April 1716. (born 1673)

English merchant Thomas Pitt died 28. April 1726. (born 1653)

Swedish general and politician Magnus Julius De la Gardie died 28. April 1741. (born 1668)

German physician Johann Friedrich Struensee died 28. April 1772. (born 1737)

American merchant, farmer, and politician Cornelius Harnett died 28. April 1781. (born 1723)

Russian field marshal Mikhail Kutuzov died 28. April 1813. (born 1745)

German philosopher Johann Heinrich Abicht died 28. April 1816. (born 1762)

French priest, missionary, and martyr Peter Chanel died 28. April 1841. (born 1803)

German author and poet Ludwig Tieck died 28. April 1853. (born 1773)

German physiologist and anatomist Johannes Peter Müller died 28. April 1858. (born 1801)

Canadian-English businessman Samuel Cunard died 28. April 1865. (born 1787)

French sculptor and photographer Antoine Samuel Adam-Salomon died 28. April 1881. (born 1818)

English hunter and dog breeder John Russell died 28. April 1883. (born 1795)

Canadian priest and historian Cyprien Tanguay died 28. April 1902. (born 1819)

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