Find out who all were born in the 7. century

Japanese princess Ōku was born 12. February 661. (died 702)

Chinese empress Wu Zetian was born 17. February 624. (died 705)

Arab caliph Marwan I was born 28. March 623. (died 685)

Arab caliph Muawiyah II was born 28. March 661. (died 684)

English daughter of Edwin of Northumbria Eanflæd was born 19. April 626. (died 685)

Byzantine emperor Constantine III was born 3. May 612. (died 641)

Mayan king K`inich Kan B`alam II was born 23. May 635. (died 702)

Chinese emperor of the Tang Dynasty Rui Zong was born 22. June 662. (died 716)

Japanese Buddhist monk Taichō was born 20. July 682. (died 767)

Arabian caliph Yazid I was born 23. July 647. (died 683)

Iraqi scholar Abū Ḥanīfa was born 5. September 699. (died 767)

Chinese emperor Xuan Zong was born 8. September 685. (died 762)

Mayan ruler K`inich Ahkal Mo` Naab` III was born 13. September 678. (died 730)

Albanian king Javanshir was born 28. September 616. (died 680)

Saudi Arabian caliph Umar II was born 2. November 682. (died 720)

Byzantine emperor Constans II was born 7. November 630. (died 668)

Syrian general Muhammad bin Qasim was born 31. December 695. (died 715)

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