Find out who all died from January to June 1946

English economist John Maynard Keynes died 21. April 1946. (born 1883)

Estonian linguist and diplomat Oskar Kallas died 26. January 1946. (born 1868)

American soccer player Raymond Lawler died 28. June 1946. (born 1888)

Dutch-American astronomer Adriaan van Maanen died 26. January 1946. (born 1884)

Australian cricketer Joe Darling died 2. January 1946. (born 1870)

American miner, explorer, and park ranger James Larkin White died 26. April 1946. (born 1882)

American colonel, Medal of Honor recipient George E. Stewart died 2. March 1946. (born 1872)

French doctor and serial killer Marcel Petiot died 25. May 1946. (born 1897)

American lawyer and jurist, 12th Chief Justice of the United States Harlan F. Stone died 22. April 1946. (born 1872)

German SS officer Martin Gottfried Weiss died 29. May 1946. (born 1905)

Belgian journalist José Streel died 21. February 1946. (born 1911)

American philanthropist Louise Whitfield Carnegie died 24. June 1946. (born 1857)

French mathematician Louis Bachelier died 28. April 1946. (born 1870)

American politician, 8th United States Secretary of Commerce Harry Hopkins died 29. January 1946. (born 1890)

American golfer Pauline Whittier died 3. March 1946. (born 1876)

American-English politician William Joyce died 3. January 1946. (born 1906)

English-American actor Lionel Atwill died 22. April 1946. (born 1885)

Romanian marshal and politician, 43rd Prime Minister of Romania Ion Antonescu died 1. June 1946. (born 1882)

Swiss-American race car driver Arthur Chevrolet died 16. April 1946. (born 1884)

German field marshal Werner von Blomberg died 14. March 1946. (born 1878)

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