Find out who all died from January to June 1946

Nigerian journalist and politician Herbert Macaulay died 7. May 1946. (born 1864)

Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita died 23. February 1946. (born 1885)

American politician, 47th United States Secretary of the Treasury Carter Glass died 28. May 1946. (born 1858)

German youth leader Karl Nabersberg died 15. January 1946. (born 1908)

American singer and actress Kitty Cheatham died 5. January 1946. (born 1864)

American poet Countee Cullen died 9. January 1946. (born 1903)

French mathematician Louis Bachelier died 28. April 1946. (born 1870)

Belgian journalist José Streel died 21. February 1946. (born 1911)

English-American actor Lionel Atwill died 22. April 1946. (born 1885)

English actor George Arliss died 5. February 1946. (born 1868)

American baseball player Chick Fullis died 28. March 1946. (born 1904)

German author and playwright, Nobel Prize laureate Gerhart Hauptmann died 6. June 1946. (born 1862)

Swedish hunter Bror von Blixen-Finecke died 4. March 1946. (born 1886)

Sr., American actor Noah Beery died 1. April 1946. (born 1882)

American gymnast William Merz died 17. March 1946. (born 1878)

German field marshal Werner von Blomberg died 14. March 1946. (born 1878)

Australian cricketer Joe Darling died 2. January 1946. (born 1870)

Irish cartoonist (b 1889) Gordon Brewster died 16. June 1946. (born 1889)

French doctor and serial killer Marcel Petiot died 25. May 1946. (born 1897)

Polish opera singer Adamo Didur died 7. January 1946. (born 1874)

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