Find out who all died from February to April 1956

Indian Leader Narendra Deva died 19. February 1956. (born 1889)

American poet and violinist Leonora Speyer died 10. February 1956. (born 1872)

American football player and hammer thrower Truxton Hare died 2. February 1956. (born 1878)

French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Irène Joliot-Curie died 17. March 1956. (born 1897)

French composer Gustave Charpentier died 18. February 1956. (born 1860)

Polish mathematician Jan Łukasiewicz died 13. February 1956. (born 1878)

Greek banker and politician, 132nd Prime Minister of Greece Emmanouil Tsouderos died 10. February 1956. (born 1882)

American playwright and screenwriter Charles MacArthur died 21. April 1956. (born 1895)

Belgian race car driver Johnny Claes died 3. February 1956. (born 1916)

French lawyer Vincent de Moro-Giafferi died 15. February 1956. (born 1878)

American actor Fred Allen died 17. March 1956. (born 1894)

American author and environmentalist Louis Bromfield died 18. March 1956. (born 1896)

French mathematician Émile Borel died 3. February 1956. (born 1871)

Indian Politicians Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar died 27. February 1956. (born 1888)

American baseball player and manager Connie Mack died 8. February 1956. (born 1862)

English actor Robert Newton died 25. March 1956. (born 1905)

German field marshal Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb died 29. April 1956. (born 1876)

Polish chess master Savielly Tartakower died 4. February 1956. (born 1887)

Greek politician Alexandros Svolos died 22. February 1956. (born 1892)

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