Find out who all died from March to December 1960

English author and activist Dora Marsden died 13. December 1960. (born 1882)

Estonian author August Gailit died 5. November 1960. (born 1891)

English architect, designed the Bristol Central Library Charles Holden died 1. May 1960. (born 1875)

American actress and producer Clara Kimball Young died 15. October 1960. (born 1890)

Swedish tenor Jussi Björling died 9. September 1960. (born 1911)

Canadian lawyer and politician, 9th Prime Minister of Canada Arthur Meighen died 5. August 1960. (born 1874)

Russian poet and author, Nobel Prize laureate Boris Pasternak died 30. May 1960. (born 1890)

Irish-American art director and production designer Cedric Gibbons died 26. July 1960. (born 1893)

Dutch lawyer and politician, Prime Minister of the Netherlands Dirk Jan de Geer died 28. November 1960. (born 1870)

Japanese politician Inejiro Asanuma died 12. October 1960. (born 1898)

German economist and politician Walther Funk died 31. May 1960. (born 1890)

American-English poet and author Joy Gresham died 13. July 1960. (born 1915)

American engineer, designed the Mackinac Bridge David B. Steinman died 21. August 1960. (born 1886)

Irish politician Jack Beattie died 9. March 1960. (born 1886)

American actor and director Paul Willis died 3. November 1960. (born 1901)

English author and poet Eden Phillpotts died 29. December 1960. (born 1862)

German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Max von Laue died 24. April 1960. (born 1879)

Welsh politician Aneurin Bevan died 6. July 1960. (born 1897)

German composer and educator Joseph Haas died 30. March 1960. (born 1879)

English activist Sylvia Pankhurst died 27. September 1960. (born 1882)

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