Find out who all are born from February to May 1871

Norwegian target shooter Hellmer Hermandsen was born 1. February 1871. (died 1958)

French fencer Jean-Baptiste Mimiague was born 3. February 1871. (died 1929)

German politician, 1st President of Germany Friedrich Ebert was born 4. February 1871. (died 1925)

American pathologist Howard Taylor Ricketts was born 9. February 1871. (died 1910)

Swedish actress Gerda Lundequist was born 14. February 1871. (died 1959)

English scientist Harry Brearley was born 18. February 1871. (died 1948)

American activist Lugenia Burns Hope was born 19. February 1871. (died 1947)

Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka was born 25. February 1871. (died 1913)

German actor Gustav Waldau was born 27. February 1871. (died 1958)

French cyclist Maurice Garin was born 3. March 1871. (died 1957)

Russian mathematician and engineer Boris Galerkin was born 4. March 1871. (died 1945)

Russian economist and philosopher Rosa Luxemburg was born 5. March 1871. (died 1919)

Portuguese lawyer and politician, 59th Prime Minister of Portugal Afonso Costa was born 6. March 1871. (died 1937)

South African geologist and philanthropist Hans Merensky was born 16. March 1871. (died 1951)

French rugby player Frantz Reichel was born 16. March 1871. (died 1932)

English cricketer Schofield Haigh was born 19. March 1871. (died 1921)

German actor Heinrich Schroth was born 23. March 1871. (died 1945)

French fencer Louis Perrée was born 25. March 1871. (died 1924)

Dutch politician Piet Aalberse was born 27. March 1871. (died 1948)

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