See all who died on 25. June

King of Denmark Niels died 25. June 1134. (born 1064)

5th Earl of Leicester, French crusader Simon de Montfort died 25. June 1218. (born 1160)

2nd Earl Rivers, English courtier Anthony Woodville died 25. June 1483. (born 1440)

Italian composer Franchinus Gaffurius died 25. June 1522. (born 1451)

Queen of France Mary Tudor died 25. June 1533. (born 1496)

Japanese warlord Hatano Hideharu died 25. June 1579. (born 1541)

Italian physician Michele Mercati died 25. June 1593. (born 1541)

English poet and playwright John Marston died 25. June 1634. (born 1576)

Spanish author, poet, and playwright Juan Pérez de Montalbán died 25. June 1638. (born 1602)

Archduke of Austria Sigismund Francis died 25. June 1665. (born 1630)

Duke of Beaufort François de Vendôme died 25. June 1669. (born 1616)

Italian priest and astronomer Giovanni Battista Riccioli died 25. June 1671. (born 1598)

French captain Charles de Batz-Castelmore d`Artagnan died 25. June 1673. (born 1611)

Russian painter Simon Ushakov died 25. June 1686. (born 1626)

French admiral Jean du Casse died 25. June 1715. (born 1646)

German composer Georg Philipp Telemann died 25. June 1767. (born 1681)

English architect Thomas Sandby died 25. June 1798. (born 1721)

German jurist and author E. T. A. Hoffmann died 25. June 1822. (born 1776)

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