Find out who all is died in 10. century

Count of Flanders Baldwin III died 1. January 962. (born 940)

Byzantine emperor John I Tzimiskes died 10. January 976. (born 925)

Duke of Swabia Erchanger died 21. January 917. (born 880)

German wife of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor Eadgyth died 26. January 946. (born 910)

Duke of Aquitaine William IV died 3. February 995. (born 937)

Duke of Bohemia Boleslaus II died 7. February 999. (born 932)

Syrian Emir of Aleppo Sayf al-Dawla died 9. February 967. (born 916)

Islamic military officer Muhammad ibn Ra`iq died 13. February 942.

Iraqi physician, astronomer, and mathematician Thābit ibn Qurra died 18. February 901. (born 826)

Duke of Burgundy Otto died 22. February 965. (born 944)

Count of Vermandois, Herbert II died 23. February 943. (born 884)

French archbishop Oswald of Worcester died 29. February 992. (born 925)

Byzantine emperor Romanos II died 15. March 963. (born 938)

English king Edward the Martyr died 18. March 978. (born 962)

Persian mystic and poet Mansur Al-Hallaj died 26. March 922. (born 858)

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