Find out who all is died in 16. century

French poet Joachim du Bellay died 1. January 1560. (born 1522)

Sweden politician Svante Nilsson died 2. January 1512. (born 1460)

English bishop William Smyth died 2. January 1514. (born 1460)

Italian painter Pontormo died 2. January 1557. (born 1494)

Portuguese explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo died 3. January 1543. (born 1499)

Elector of Brandenburg Joachim II Hector died 3. January 1571. (born 1505)

Japanese military commander Hosokawa Ujitsuna died 4. January 1564. (born 1514)

Swiss painter and illustrator Tobias Stimmer died 4. January 1584. (born 1539)

Croatian poet Marko Marulić died 5. January 1524. (born 1450)

Swiss martyr Felix Manz died 5. January 1527. (born 1498)

Chinese general Qi Jiguang died 5. January 1588. (born 1528)

Italian-French wife of Henry II of France Catherine de` Medici died 5. January 1589. (born 1519)

Duke of Florence Alessandro de` Medici died 6. January 1537. (born 1510)

Italian architect and painter, designed the Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne Baldassare Peruzzi died 6. January 1537. (born 1481)

Flemish monk Louis de Blois died 7. January 1566. (born 1506)

Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach Albert Alcibiades died 8. January 1557. (born 1522)

French architect, designed the Château d`Anet Philibert de l`Orme died 8. January 1570. (born 1510)

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