Find out who all was born in 1704.

English author Soame Jenyns was born 1. January 1704. (died 1787)

French author Charles Pinot Duclos was born 12. February 1704. (died 1772)

French astronomer Louis Godin was born 28. February 1704. (died 1760)

English scholar and author Benjamin Heath was born 10. April 1704. (died 1766)

German tenor and composer Carl Heinrich Graun was born 7. May 1704. (died 1759)

English inventor and businessman Benjamin Huntsman was born 4. June 1704. (died 1776)

Portuguese composer Carlos Seixas was born 11. June 1704. (died 1742)

English inventor, invented the Flying shuttle John Kay was born 17. June 1704. (died 1780)

English scholar John Taylor was born 22. June 1704. (died 1766)

Marquis d'Argens, French philosopher Jean-Baptiste de Boyer was born 24. June 1704. (died 1771)

German bishop August Gottlieb Spangenberg was born 15. July 1704. (died 1792)

Swiss mathematician Gabriel Cramer was born 31. July 1704. (died 1752)

Czech organist and composer František Tůma was born 2. October 1704. (died 1774)

German mathematician, physicist, and physician Johann Andreas Segner was born 9. October 1704. (died 1777)

English admiral and politician, 11th Commodore Governor of Newfoundland John Byng was born 29. October 1704. (died 1757)

German editor Paul Daniel Longolius was born 1. November 1704. (died 1779)

German organist Carl Gotthelf Gerlach was born 31. December 1704. (died 1761)

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