Find out who all was born in 1764.

Scottish navy officer George Duff was born 1. February 1764. (died 1805)

Austrian composer Joseph Leopold Eybler was born 8. February 1764. (died 1846)

French poet Joseph Chénier was born 11. February 1764. (died 1811)

2nd Earl Grey, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Charles Grey was born 13. March 1764. (died 1845)

English surgeon John Abernethy was born 3. April 1764. (died 1831)

French marshal Laurent de Gouvion Saint-Cyr was born 13. April 1764. (died 1830)

English-American architect, designed the United States Capitol Benjamin Henry Latrobe was born 1. May 1764. (died 1820)

Scottish general Robert Craufurd was born 5. May 1764. (died 1812)

German organist and composer Johann Nepomuk Kalcher was born 15. May 1764. (died 1827)

American jurist and politician, 11th United States Secretary of State Edward Livingston was born 28. May 1764. (died 1836)

Uruguayan general José Gervasio Artigas was born 19. June 1764. (died 1850)

English admiral Sidney Smith was born 21. June 1764. (died 1840)

English author Ann Radcliffe was born 9. July 1764. (died 1823)

French general Louis Baraguey d`Hilliers was born 13. August 1764. (died 1816)

French architect Charles Percier was born 22. August 1764. (died 1838)

Italian composer Valentino Fioravanti was born 11. September 1764. (died 1837)

English navy officer Fletcher Christian was born 25. September 1764. (died 1793)

Austrian singer and composer Franz Xaver Gerl was born 30. November 1764. (died 1827)

Duc de Belluno, French general and politician, French Minister of War Claude Victor-Perrin was born 7. December 1764. (died 1841)

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