See all who died on 1. January

Greek bishop Basil of Caesarea died 1. January 379. (born 329)

French abbot Eugendus died 1. January 510. (born 449)

King of Caucasian Albania Javanshir died 1. January 680. (born 616)

Count of Flanders Baldwin III died 1. January 962. (born 940)

French poet Joachim du Bellay died 1. January 1560. (born 1522)

Dutch painter Hendrik Goltzius died 1. January 1617. (born 1558)

Florentine historian and author Filippo Baldinucci died 1. January 1697. (born 1624)

English playwright William Wycherley died 1. January 1716. (born 1640)

Swiss mathematician Johann Bernoulli died 1. January 1748. (born 1667)

Marquis de La Chétardie, French diplomat Jacques-Joachim Trotti died 1. January 1759. (born 1705)

English son of James II of England James Francis Edward Stuart died 1. January 1766. (born 1688)

German composer Johann Christian Bach died 1. January 1782. (born 1735)

1st Baron Grantley, English politician Fletcher Norton died 1. January 1789. (born 1716)

Venetian painter Francesco Guardi died 1. January 1793. (born 1712)

French mathematician Alexandre-Théophile Vandermonde died 1. January 1796. (born 1735)

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