See all who died on 1. April

French bishop Hugh of Châteauneuf died 1. April 1132. (born 1053)

Spanish composer Francisco de Peñalosa died 1. April 1528. (born 1470)

Spanish guitarist and composer Alonso Mudarra died 1. April 1580. (born 1510)

Italian painter Cristofano Allori died 1. April 1621. (born 1577)

Bavarian bishop Franz Egon of Fürstenberg died 1. April 1682. (born 1625)

English scholar Floyer Sydenham died 1. April 1787. (born 1710)

American politician, 11th Governor of New Hampshire Benjamin Pierce died 1. April 1839. (born 1757)

Italian soprano Giuditta Pasta died 1. April 1865. (born 1797)

English theologian Frederick Denison Maurice died 1. April 1872. (born 1805)

English murderer William Frederick Horry died 1. April 1872. (born 1843)

English-Canadian politician John Corry Wilson Daly died 1. April 1878. (born 1796)

American politician David Wilber died 1. April 1890. (born 1820)

Russian navy officer and pilot Alexander Mozhaysky died 1. April 1890. (born 1825)

Australian activist Jandamarra died 1. April 1897. (born 1873)

American baseball player Rube Waddell died 1. April 1914. (born 1876)

Estonian stage actor and director Theodor Altermann died 1. April 1915. (born 1885)

American pianist and composer Scott Joplin died 1. April 1917. (born 1868)

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