See all who died on 11. July

Roman emperor Anthemius died 11. July 472. (born 420)

Duke of Bavaria Otto I Wittelsbach died 11. July 1183. (born 1117)

Count of Artois Robert II died 11. July 1302. (born 1250)

Elector of Brandenburg Joachim I Nestor died 11. July 1535. (born 1484)

Danish admiral and politician Peder Skram died 11. July 1581. (born 1503)

Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo died 11. July 1593. (born 1527)

Japanese daiymo Chōsokabe Motochika died 11. July 1599. (born 1539)

Italian-Spanish wife of Philip V of Spain Elisabeth Farnese died 11. July 1766. (born 1692)

1st Baronet, Irish-English commander Sir William Johnson died 11. July 1774. (born 1715)

American politician Simon Boerum died 11. July 1775. (born 1724)

Romanian historian and philologist Ienăchiţă Văcărescu died 11. July 1797. (born 1740)

Irish-American politician James Smith died 11. July 1806. (born 1719)

American soldier and politician Thomas P. Grosvenor died 11. July 1825. (born 1744)

Russian poet Yevgeny Baratynsky died 11. July 1844. (born 1800)

Egyptian jurist and scholar Muhammad Abduh died 11. July 1905. (born 1849)

German tennis player Friedrich Traun died 11. July 1908. (born 1876)

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