See all who died on 12. April

Roman general and politician Gnaeus Pompeius died 12. April 45. (born 75BC)

Roman emperor Gordian I died 12. April 238. (born 159)

Roman emperor Gordian II died 12. April 238. (born 192)

Duke of Bohemia Vladislaus I died 12. April 1125. (born 1065)

English archbishop Henry Chichele died 12. April 1443. (born 1364)

Duke of Guise Claude died 12. April 1550. (born 1496)

English politician, Governor of Virginia Richard Bennett died 12. April 1675. (born 1609)

Italian instrument maker Nicola Amati died 12. April 1684. (born 1596)

English-American soldier Ambrose Dixon died 12. April 1687. (born 1619)

French bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet died 12. April 1704. (born 1627)

English architect, designed Holkham Hall and Chiswick House William Kent died 12. April 1748. (born 1685)

Italian poet Metastasio died 12. April 1782. (born 1698)

French composer Carlo Antonio Campioni died 12. April 1788. (born 1719)

Bavarian general Johann Kaspar Basselet von La Rosée died 12. April 1795. (born 1710)

English historian Charles Burney died 12. April 1814. (born 1726)

French astronomer Charles Messier died 12. April 1817. (born 1730)

American missionary Adoniram Judson died 12. April 1850. (born 1788)

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