See all who died on 13. June

Egyptian caliph Ali az-Zahir died 13. June 1036. (born 1005)

Portuguese priest and saint Anthony of Padua died 13. June 1231. (born 1195)

Japanese sculptor Tankei died 13. June 1256. (born 1173)

1st Marquis of Huntly, Scottish politician George Gordon died 13. June 1636. (born 1562)

Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi died 13. June 1645. (born 1584)

Dutch admiral Egbert Bartholomeusz Kortenaer died 13. June 1665. (born 1604)

French minister Antoine Court died 13. June 1760. (born 1696)

American politician, 2nd President of the Continental Congress Henry Middleton died 13. June 1784. (born 1717)

French geographer and author Jean-Baptiste Benoît Eyriès died 13. June 1846. (born 1767)

Czech physician and dermatologist Joseph Škoda died 13. June 1881. (born 1805)

Canadian lawyer and politician, 5th Premier of Quebec Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau died 13. June 1898. (born 1840)

Greek painter Nikiphoros Lytras died 13. June 1904. (born 1832)

Canadian sculptor Louis-Philippe Hébert died 13. June 1917. (born 1850)

American-English race car driver Henry Segrave died 13. June 1930. (born 1896)

Japanese physician and bacteriologist Kitasato Shibasaburō died 13. June 1931. (born 1851)

Macedonian author and activist Kočo Racin died 13. June 1943. (born 1908)

Australian politician, 16th Prime Minister of Australia Ben Chifley died 13. June 1951. (born 1885)

English fisherman Henry Blogg died 13. June 1954. (born 1876)

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