See all who died on 16. March

Roman emperor Tiberius died 16. March 37. (born 46BC)

Roman servant Heraclius died 16. March 455.

Roman emperor Valentinian III died 16. March 455. (born 419)

German archbishop Heribert of Cologne died 16. March 1021. (born 970)

German archbishop Adalbert of Hamburg died 16. March 1072. (born 1000)

4th Earl of Hereford, English soldier Humphrey de Bohun died 16. March 1322. (born 1276)

1st Earl of Somerset, French-English admiral John Beaufort died 16. March 1410. (born 1373)

Hungarian politician Ladislaus Hunyadi died 16. March 1457. (born 1433)

English wife of Richard III of England Anne Neville died 16. March 1485. (born 1456)

English-Irish politician Lord Deputy of Ireland Anthony St. Leger died 16. March 1559. (born 1496)

French-Canadian missionary and saint Jean de Brébeuf died 16. March 1649. (born 1593)

English-American soldier and politician, 19th Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony John Leverett died 16. March 1679. (born 1616)

English politician James Craggs the Elder died 16. March 1721. (born 1657)

Italian organist and composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi died 16. March 1736. (born 1710)

American clergyman and academic Benjamin Wadsworth died 16. March 1737. (born 1670)

German architect, designed the Dresden Frauenkirche George Bähr died 16. March 1738. (born 1666)

Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst Christian August died 16. March 1747. (born 1690)

American captain and mathematician Nathaniel Bowditch died 16. March 1838. (born 1773)

French politician Hippolyte Carnot died 16. March 1888. (born 1801)

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