See all who died on 18. December

Spanish bishop Theodulf of Orléans died 18. December 821. (born 750)

French poet and scholar Hildebert died 18. December 1133. (born 1055)

Dutch woman accused of witchcraft Marigje Arriens died 18. December 1591. (born 1520)

German politician and scholar Veit Ludwig von Seckendorff died 18. December 1692. (born 1626)

Italian instrument maker Antonio Stradivari died 18. December 1737. (born 1644)

English poet and politician Soame Jenyns died 18. December 1787. (born 1704)

French mathematician and historian Jean-Étienne Montucla died 18. December 1799. (born 1725)

German philosopher, theologian, and poet Johann Gottfried Herder died 18. December 1803. (born 1744)

French soldier, biologist, and academic Jean-Baptiste Lamarck died 18. December 1829. (born 1744)

1st Baron Lynedoch, Scottish-English general and politician Thomas Graham died 18. December 1843. (born 1748)

Bohemian priest and mathematician Bernard Bolzano died 18. December 1848. (born 1781)

American pianist and composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk died 18. December 1869. (born 1829)

French mathematician and academic Michel Chasles died 18. December 1880. (born 1793)

English biologist, anatomist, and paleontologist Richard Owen died 18. December 1892. (born 1804)

1st Baronet, German-English banker and businessman Sir Carl Meyer died 18. December 1922. (born 1851)

Hungarian-Croatian meteorologist and seismologist Andrija Mohorovičić died 18. December 1936. (born 1857)

American soccer player Alexander Cudmore died 18. December 1944. (born 1888)

Russian-American talent agent Johnny Hyde died 18. December 1950. (born 1895)

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