See all who died on 2. September

Roman emperor Constantius III died 2. September 421.

Byzantine saint Simeon Stylites died 2. September 459. (born 390)

Japanese shogun Prince Munetaka died 2. September 1274. (born 1242)

Italian singer-songwriter, organist, and poet Francesco Landini died 2. September 1397. (born 1335)

Swedish soldier and politician, Lord High Steward of Sweden Per Brahe the Younger died 2. September 1680. (born 1602)

1st Baronet, English politician, Lord Mayor of London Sir Robert Viner died 2. September 1688. (born 1631)

Elector Palatine, German husband of Landgravine Elisabeth Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt Philip William died 2. September 1690. (born 1615)

English astronomer Nathaniel Bliss died 2. September 1764. (born 1700)

Swiss-English colonel Henry Bouquet died 2. September 1765. (born 1719)

French mathematician Antoine Deparcieux died 2. September 1768. (born 1703)

German historian and theologian Johann Nikolaus von Hontheim died 2. September 1790. (born 1701)

French general Jean Victor Marie Moreau died 2. September 1813. (born 1763)

Hungarian-French astronomer Franz Xaver von Zach died 2. September 1832. (born 1754)

Scottish engineer and architect, designed the Menai Suspension Bridge Thomas Telford died 2. September 1834. (born 1757)

Irish physicist, astronomer, and mathematician William Rowan Hamilton died 2. September 1865. (born 1805)

Danish pastor, philosopher, and author N. F. S. Grundtvig died 2. September 1872. (born 1783)

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