See all who died on 23. March

Chinese official Zhou Chi died 23. March 851. (born 793)

Duke of Burgundy Eudes I died 23. March 1103. (born 1058)

1st Duke of Lancaster Henry of Grosmont died 23. March 1361. (born 1310)

Japanese soldier Itagaki Nobukata died 23. March 1548. (born 1489)

Ethiopian emperor Gelawdewos died 23. March 1559. (born 1521)

English diplomat Henry Unton died 23. March 1596. (born 1557)

Flemish philologist Justus Lipsius died 23. March 1606. (born 1547)

1st Earl of Abercorn, Scottish politician James Hamilton died 23. March 1618. (born 1575)

Dutch navy officer Johan van Galen died 23. March 1653. (born 1604)

Dutch organist and composer Anthoni van Noordt died 23. March 1675. (born 1619)

French politician Nicolas Fouquet died 23. March 1680. (born 1615)

French author Jean-Baptiste Dubos died 23. March 1742. (born 1670)

French army officer Claude Alexandre de Bonneval died 23. March 1747. (born 1675)

German organist and composer Johann Gottfried Walther died 23. March 1748. (born 1684)

Swiss theologian and critic Johann Jakob Wettstein died 23. March 1754. (born 1693)

American lawyer and politician Charles Carroll died 23. March 1783. (born 1723)

French author Stendhal died 23. March 1842. (born 1783)

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