See all who died on 24. March

Spanish pianist and composer Enrique Granados died 24. March 1916. (born 1867)

Vietnamese activist Phan Chu Trinh died 24. March 1926. (born 1872)

French physicist and educator Édouard Branly died 24. March 1940. (born 1844)

Indian-English general Orde Charles Wingate died 24. March 1944. (born 1903)

Russian chess player Alexander Alekhine died 24. March 1946. (born 1892)

German gymnast Carl Schuhmann died 24. March 1946. (born 1869)

Swedish painter Sigrid Hjertén died 24. March 1948. (born 1885)

American lawyer and politician, 23rd United States Secretary of the Interior James Rudolph Garfield died 24. March 1950. (born 1865)

French-American pianist and bandleader Jean Goldkette died 24. March 1962. (born 1899)

Swiss physicist and explorer Auguste Piccard died 24. March 1962. (born 1884)

American actress, director, and producer Alice Guy-Blaché died 24. March 1968. (born 1873)

Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen died 24. March 1971. (born 1902)

1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, English field marshal Bernard Montgomery died 24. March 1976. (born 1887)

Salvadoran archbishop Óscar Romero died 24. March 1980. (born 1917)

American actor, singer, and engineer Sam Jaffe died 24. March 1984. (born 1891)

American comedian and radio host Ray Goulding died 24. March 1990. (born 1922)

Australian politician, 18th Governor-General of Australia John Kerr died 24. March 1991. (born 1914)

Australian pianist, composer, actor, and playwright Albert Arlen died 24. March 1993. (born 1905)

American author John Hersey died 24. March 1993. (born 1914)

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