See all who died on 25. May

Prince of the Tang Dynasty Li Hong died 25. May 675. (born 652)

English-Latin bishop, poet, and scholar Aldhelm died 25. May 709. (born 639)

Emperor of Later Tang Li Cunxu died 25. May 926. (born 885)

English archbishop John Stafford died 25. May 1452.

Dutch physician, mathematician, and cartographer Gemma Frisius died 25. May 1555. (born 1508)

German poet and critic Valens Acidalius died 25. May 1595. (born 1567)

Italian priest and saint Philip Neri died 25. May 1595. (born 1515)

Austrian mathematician and philosopher Adam Tanner died 25. May 1632. (born 1572)

Swedish politician, 5th Lord High Treasurer of Sweden Gustaf Bonde died 25. May 1667. (born 1620)

Spanish poet and playwright Pedro Calderón de la Barca died 25. May 1681. (born 1600)

French author Madame de La Fayette died 25. May 1693. (born 1634)

German theologian Daniel Ernst Jablonski died 25. May 1741. (born 1660)

Swedish botanist Anders Dahl died 25. May 1789. (born 1751)

4th Baron Howard de Walden, English field marshal John Griffin died 25. May 1797. (born 1719)

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