See all who died on 3. March

Russian prince Vladimir IV Rurikovich died 3. March 1239. (born 1187)

Catalan poet Ausiàs March died 3. March 1459. (born 1397)

Elector of Saxony John Frederick I died 3. March 1554. (born 1503)

Burmese king Nyaungyan Min died 3. March 1606. (born 1557)

English architect and philosopher Robert Hooke died 3. March 1703. (born 1635)

German organist and composer Johann Pachelbel died 3. March 1706. (born 1653)

Mughal emperor Aurangzeb died 3. March 1707. (born 1618)

French pastor Pierre Allix died 3. March 1717. (born 1641)

French jurist Jean Barbeyrac died 3. March 1744. (born 1674)

English archaeologist William Stukeley died 3. March 1765. (born 1687)

Italian composer Nicola Porpora died 3. March 1768. (born 1686)

Scottish architect, designed the Culzean Castle Robert Adam died 3. March 1792. (born 1728)

American religious leader Oliver Cowdery died 3. March 1850. (born 1806)

American baseball player Ned Williamson died 3. March 1894. (born 1857)

American banker and politician William P. Sprague died 3. March 1899. (born 1827)

American businessman, founded The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company George Gilman died 3. March 1901. (born 1826)

Danish painter Theodor Philipsen died 3. March 1920. (born 1840)

Ukrainian author and playwright Mikhail Artsybashev died 3. March 1927. (born 1878)

Welsh engineer, motor racing driver who held the land speed record J. G. Parry-Thomas died 3. March 1927. (born 1884)

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