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1st Landmeister of the Teutonic Order Hermann Balk died 5. March 1239. (born unknown)

Italian painter Antonio da Correggio died 5. March 1534. (born 1489)

Portuguese admiral and politician, Governor of Portuguese India Nuno da Cunha died 5. March 1539. (born 1487)

Flemish painter Michael Coxcie died 5. March 1592. (born 1499)

Japanese daimyo Shimazu Yoshihisa died 5. March 1611. (born 1533)

Duke of Parma Ranuccio I Farnese died 5. March 1622. (born 1569)

English librarian and author Henry Wharton died 5. March 1695. (born 1664)

1st Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull, English politician Evelyn Pierrepont died 5. March 1726. (born 1655)

Muslim scholar of jurisprudence of the Hanafi school Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi died 5. March 1731. (born 1641)

American slave Crispus Attucks died 5. March 1770. (born 1723)

English composer Thomas Arne died 5. March 1778. (born 1710)

German physician and astrologist Franz Anton Mesmer died 5. March 1815. (born 1734)

French mathematician and astronomer Pierre-Simon Laplace died 5. March 1827. (born 1749)

Italian physicist Alessandro Volta died 5. March 1827. (born 1745)

English sailor John Adams died 5. March 1829. (born 1766)

Scottish painter David Scott died 5. March 1849. (born 1806)

German-French author Marie d`Agoult died 5. March 1876. (born 1805)

French historian and critic Hippolyte Taine died 5. March 1893. (born 1828)

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